KORG TRITON – The Sound of Hip-Hop: Late 90’s/Early 00’s


Seeing as this blog post is about my new discovery of how synthesisers/sequencers work, and the electronic artist I chose to discuss was The Neptunes, I decided to focus this post on their beloved (and often used) Korg Triton.

The Korg Triton is a 62- note, polyphony (multiple lines of separate melodies at once) music workstation synth, that also featured sampling and sequencing in some models. Known as one of the first “studios in the box”, you had the flexibility to add sample RAM, work with physical modelling synth boards, a multitrack hard disk recording option, and digital interfacing. The synth included: two oscillators, a resonant filter, two LFO’s, and many modulation/envelope options. Two master and five insert effects at one time with plenty of effect presets to work with.

Favourite Synth Orientated Neptunes Song (not from the korg triton):

Other notable hip-hop producers from the early 2000’s that used the Korg Triton were:
Timbaland (Dirt Off Your Shoulder – Jay Z),
David Banner (Rubber Band Man – T.I.),
Just Blaze (Oh Boy – Cam’ron),
Lil Jon (Shake That Monkey – Too Short) &
Scott Storch (Lean Back – Fat Joe).


Flap Your Wings – Nelly: A096 Digital PolySix under FastSynth
Cot Damn – The Clipse:  A001 Acoustic Piano
I Still Love You – 702: A051 PizzAnsamble under Strings
I’m a G – Noreaga: B115 Harmonica under Woodwind/Reed
Nothin’ – Noreaga: B045 BambuSilverFlute under Woodwind/Reed
Holla Back – Fabolous: A021: Chorus E. Guitar under Guitar/Plucked
I Just Wanna Love You – Jay-Z: B069 Strato-Chime under Guitar/Plucked
Rock Your Body – Justin Timberlake: D031 GlassBell Bright under Bell/Mallet
I’m Not You – The Clipse: Analog Strings & D015 Warm Steel Drums under Bell/Mallet
Good Girl – Vanessa Marquez: B002 StaccatoPizzHit under Hit/Arpg
Grindin’ – The Clipse: B116:Percussion Kit under Drums
Nigga Please – Jay-Z(Drums): A116:Orchestra&Ethnic under Drums
Light Your Ass On Fire – The Neptunes: Jungle Drum Kit under Drums

Various Songs: A035 Arco Strings, under Strings
Various Songs: B117 Dynamic E.Guitar, under Guitar/Plucked
Various Songs: A076 Old & Analog, under LeadSynth

The Neptunes Documentary (Short Version)

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